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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This is the suckest job i ever worked seriously...not to mention that the boss is very hap pok...but those malay customer that comes in and act like is their world..reli makes my days go down and makes me wonder why those adults want to act like dis. Reli have no respect from me.

Sat is the first day i worked at PWTC under Twister Tropicana...and they said i will be taking care of the games section called Twister..ok..is a fun game seriously..as i have played it b4 when i was small..but den..when it comes to taking care of it..it is horrible terrible and vegetable. As those kids is just on ur knee level..i will have to squad down and bend down most of the times..and tell them wat colour wat hand their legs and hand should be on! is like..talking 24hours non stop while u r taking care of the game and most worst is..u not only have to handle their child but all those parent who are dumb enough to cut line or just bug u for the sake of the chop! i reli duno why they wan that goodies bag so much as it has nth! just a pen,notepad, orange ball, and those flyers!! wat is so attractive bout that?! cant be denied that malaysian loves free stuff so much dat 1 indian family can come and redeem more than 30 goodies bag on 1 day and they still have face to come on second day!! gosh! Go to the hak pok boss! he more worst! ald eat up our break cos of too many customer and too little workers...ok..15mins for u to eat..drink and back to work..from 9-10 sth...did i even mention that during work we don even have time and chance to drink a sip of wateR? omfg!!!! and he even collect back the lunch money from us! is just freaking RM3.50!! kiam sap until like dat o not..we din break leh! for heaven sake! u should increase our salary for working extra hours for u! idiot!

Sunday is the 2nd day..which i expect it to be better as the fair will end at 7.30 which means early finish work..but end up the same..wtf. To make my day worst...there's a sohai malay aunty who comes and cut Q and denied it! FHL! Barking and shouting bside me wont makes u look great in fact u looks like a sohai who don have respect for urself and show no good examples for ur kids! AND I WILL NOT SHUT UP AND LET U BARK AT ME..i scolded her back and she kept QUIET! just bcos we r students doesnt means u have the right to bullied us u SOHAI AUNTY! kids come to the fair to have fun and yet their parents act like hooligan who come and cut line and bark at those ppl..for heaven sake...open up my eyes to certain race just for this 2 days working time! When everything has done..time to go home..and the stupid boss...haven used us enough..stil wan us help him to carry all those stuff to main entrance! oOMFG! do u know how many 1.5litre of tropicana twister there! is like CNY at carrefour selling those water display! si beh alot!!! duno how many barrel over there! FHL! everyone is leaving and we just be good and help him..if not he will die carrying all those stuff alone and is not even in our job scope! he should increase our salary for making us work extra hours for so much!!! and abusing us for not letting us break and drink! and u cant even imagine! he don even allowed us to drink those sample!!! wth!! is just the sample!! and even those free gifts that remained he don allowed us to take! WAT TYPE OF KIASU AND KIAMSAP BOSS IS THIS! SERIOUSLY! FUCK HIS LIFE! no wonder no ppl want to work with him! he sux to the max!! this job sux to the max!!

The only things that happy to work over there is...get to know a bunch of friends who are crazy and funny and friendly..thats the only good things...other than that..is all sux! FUCK THEIR LIFE ONCE AGAIN! DIUUU!

Monday, March 15, 2010

killing me!! no more patient testing GAME! ME BANNED!

Arrhhh..i never never never never NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER!!!! felt so frust and impatient b4...god damn it...the feeling of being geik by myself is bringing me up to the limit at this point and this time of hour....gosh!! is 3.05am in the morning n i have class at 9.30..dat blardy hell mindjolt game make me so frust...tested not only my patient but suck out all the brain juice i have from my brain and it doesnt have an ending for me! wtfffff.....si behh frustfrated!! goddddddddd dammmmmnn itttt!!!

and yes!! nth happen between me n yh..is just a moment of single for both of us...in facebook precisely...and everything will recover once yh line is stable again!! soooo...don come and ask can i know u anymore...watttt daaaa...stop bugging me!!!!! i don wan to know u at allllllll!! and don post ur number on my wall! tq..i wont callled!!!! omg!!!! arhhhhh...dulan 99!!! *pulling hair up like an idiot* STRESSSSSSS

is frust enough to played a game dat use so much of my energy..and i damn regret playing it..is not worth my time!! i could have sleep and dream nicely!! gahhh....just bcos i waiting for u!!nyh to tidur...mana tau i get to play succhhhhhhhh frust game!!!and u just wipe butt say tidur...ishhhhhhhh....bite u 10000000000000 times also not enough to repay me!!!!! *GrinsSSSSS*

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


times flies...ppl around me started to change as well..it is true that some1 will change according to time..just for a moment it felt like u are being the same old ppl..but sooner..u could feel dat is actually not the same...haihz....somehow i wish time could just stop and freeze at secondary times..or where times when i do not have any decision to make and things to worried about...

ppl always change...dats scary...u change too..is it everytime will be sweet for the first week? and later u will start to change back to normal where everything to u just nth..wont be telling me so much thing dy? or am i d 1 who think too much...?

i miss last times...if only i dont have to do all this...

i remembered when i am small i am afraid of nth..but when i grew older..i started to scare..scare of falling down..scare of things dat i wont be even think of i will scare when i am small..i wan back my past me...i don like current..fml..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

updatesss(cny,phuket ipoh...semua sekali)

i know i have abandoned this blog for quite some times..so now...here i am to revive this blog~~~ lolx!!!!

CNY end dy lor...during that time is tooooooo bussyyyy to update my blog bcos of excessive gambling, vacation and gatheringgg...lolx..thats wat always happen in chinese new year!! oh and not forgetting collecting ang pao!!!! =D

1st day of CNY will always be at home and wait for my aunty n uncle to come n visit us..lolx..and gambling session would start after that...lots of lots of rounds of nami!! every yr...cant be missed..lolx...and also will ta bao food and lou sang at home as usual...as we would not want to be like a packed sardin at a crowded restaurant and waiting for food for more than 1hour..so ta bao would always be our choice..lolx....

after that would be phuket trip on cho3 to cho6 (16-19 feb) i guess..lupa d date dy..lolx...went to phuket and would always go to mcd to eat BABI BURGER...wouldnt miss that out..lolx...nice nice nice..yummy..hehehe..and also tom yam soup...all this is a must..lolx...wonder why other country fast food is way nicer than msia de...and not forgetting their 7-11!!! with loads of food!!! omg..u could become fatty if u work at their 7-11....cha siew bao..burger...snack...mee..wat also have..chi sin de!! wonder why our 7-11 don have all this things...pathetic..and go phuket must go for fantasea show!! is a must!! is some sort like disney land..lolx..but without those amusement park..lolx..hard to say..but u would be amazed by the place and show..and the buffet!!! =p
for the 1st and 2nd day of this trip is quite tiring as the schedule is so packed dat we don reli have time to rest...is like 6am wake up till 9pm reach hotel...worst than work..dreadful tired...ish..i still prefer free n ez for vacation...is much more nicer and relaxing...lolx...

after back from phuket...we nid to prepare for the cho8/9 celebration dy...very very big day for hokkien lang like me! lolx!! i invited my coll frens on dat night and gamble like nobody else business again...and the fireworks...well..is almost the same every yr..but den dis yr i think less ppl put liao...economic merosot i guess..ppl don wanna burn money anymore..but my house put 6red firecrackers....and 1fireworks...lolx...until police came and take ang pao..kns...they happily say happy cny to us after take angpao....money sucker!!!! lolx..but nvm la..just rm20 de angpao..can settle everything...worth it also..hahahaha...after that gambling business up again..crazy...stay awake till 5am...ish ish...tired sial...

the nx day would be ipoh trip with nyh!! cos he promised me would bring me go trip at least once..as he ald ffked me last time...and after half yr he only come and ganti his promise..hmp hmp...and most teruk is i do all the searching info for the food!! he should be the 1 who do de ma..hmppppp..........ok...back to trip..lolx...due to too late sleep ytd..we started our journey quite late...after my class..3pm...den headed to subang to cut his hair..and eat bak kut teh..after tat snowflakes!!lolx...den only start journey to ipoh and reach there about 9sth pm...den he called his fren and ask them to bring us go makan..lolx..1st stop is lou wong chicken rice...thumbs up thumbs up for it! super duper nice..lolx...and the kam kat water si beh om!! lolx..reli nom nom nom nom at there..lolx...as his fren is bz and giv us all the details and ciao liao..so we headed to sen tet sch bhind d hawker stall to eat zhap gor ping..lolx..in such a hot weather could eat so nice de ice thing! so cun..hahaha...and witnessed accident at there..well..ipoh ppl driving skill sucks i guess... and headed back to hotel tidur....

2nd day we wake up..dimsum at foh san but...ilek buka!!so we headed to the opposite dim sum known as ming court dim sum..em..okok ny lor i feel...nth special..except the dim sum size is in cute cute small size only...ez to eat..lolx..and we wan to go eat tau fu fah..no open..omg..duno why dat day shop mostly tutup..even the curry mee shop also tutup...disappointed... =<> den we also went for pork satay,caramel custard and also white coffee...is all at the same street..and we walked like hell as the weather is so damn hot!!!! and just for awhile u will be sweating like hell!!! kns dou sei..hot sei ar the weather!! that nyh keep say..melt dy la melt dy la..ishhh...den when we searching for the shop...another accident happens again..2 days in a row..lol...proves dat ipoh ppl driving skill char..lolx..after that we go home lor..around 5.30 like dat reach home..den nami with ben they all lagi...chinese always gamble during cny..wat to do...dats the only thing to do during cny i guess..lolx

dats all for my updates...phew..si beh alot words..u all slowly read lor...wahahahahhahahaa...thats the consequences for not updating blog so frequent and i have to cramp everything in 1 post!! lalalalala~~~~~~

p/s: bodoh nyh..i got update my blog now! hmppppppp...don say is shit..hmppp

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i don like it

Ever since did u ever care bout how i feel and what i think bout u
at time goes by, things have changed. in fact u r changing into some1 i dun know
are u the same ppl i know for the past few yrs?
or i have been blinded by u all the while?
the longer v get, the longer u don care and the more things i hate u do
disappointment came in every yr without failing..
sweet time pass fast and short
is sweet more than sorror..or sorror more than sweet?

i don know who are u anymore....u don mind me quitting, but sooner o later..i will be quitting if all this continues..i duno how long i could stand anymore

Sunday, December 6, 2009

bday celebration <3

been a while i din update my blog cos i lz..lolx...soli lar..now i update it again lor...with a very long post i guess...

ok....days b4 my bday yh have been contacting with my coll frens through msn..lolx..and he refused to giv me c wat they talking..so fine..i go do my stuff lor..den later on he tell me movie new moon twilight on my bday at 8pm..i like..huh...din watch 1st epi..den watch 2nd epi dy..so weird..but den oklor..watch ny lor. On 2nd dec, i went to class den reach home quite early so i say..go earlier la since my class end so early..he like..@@.. later ny go..book liao 8pm de..hmp..den i know got bit strange liao when 7sth also not yet rush go out..and joey called me...and bocor semua..lolx..i know not go for movie dy dat time..lolx..

Reach joey place..use gps to look for the 21st century cafe at kajang..bodoh gps..bring us 1 big round..but luckily v could find the place also..hehehe...okleh..the scenery there nice lor..something like ampang lookout point also...den eat eat eat...talk...not full enoug..look for satay kajang to eat...back to joey house there...wan tipu me go blow cake..they say banyak excuse out..lolx...but i ald know they want me go down to blow cake..hahahaha...den i giv them happy bit..i follow their plan ny lor..lolx!!

but unexpected is got black label and flower also..lolx..i tot just got cake..mana tau got this 2 additional thing also..but dat day all not reli in mood for drink..and soli la..not i don wan shot..is i don know why my mouth wont open when the bottle is on top of my face..hahahahaha...i tried to open it ..but tak boleh..lolx!!

I dy cut short alot thing..if not sure type dou hand tired..pictures all not with me..too bad..lolx...
and thxx everyone for celebrating my bday with me..and thxx yh for doing so many things for me ya... love ya!

ps : gonna update another bday celebration with my secondary sch frens later on...wait i get those pic first..lolx!! =p

Monday, November 9, 2009


not a good day for exam...haih...did alot of mistake..and such a easy thing i can forget how to count..is like 4marks..buta buta..at first i c the Q..i know how to do..after do infront Q..come back..i damn blur dy..cos of the stupid IRR i have to keep count non stop and make me not enough time to do..dat time i haven do alot of Q...mcq...theory..haih..and dat stupid Q take alot of my time...most disappointed de is..i even made mistake in leasing..chapter which i feel ez...seriously...wtf...bad day for exam..sux to the max...praying hard to pass this paper...and at least credit for me..plz...haihz....so feel like crying after finish dis paper..all my hardwork i did for it...is like throw to rubbish bin..fuck to the max...